[REVIEW] Mobile Badminton Game Jump Smash 15 For When You’re Off The Real Court

Sports enthusiasts might be familiar with Jump Smash, a mobile badminton game. Published by local world-class games studio Mediasoft Entertainment and partner Astro Malaysia, the game first made headlines back in 2013, when Jump Smash 2013 broke sales records with more than 1.8 million downloads within the first month of its launch. And now, they’re back with Jump Smash 15.

Badminton is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in Malaysia, thanks in part to the fact that one of the greatest badminton players in the world is our very own Dato’ Lee Chong Wei. Out of curiosity — and because I have never played a badminton game on my mobile before — I decided to download the app to give it a try.

The game requires Android 4.0 and above, with at least 2GB RAM to work best. With my Samsung S3, therefore, the app took about 5 minutes to be downloaded. Nevertheless, the game is playable on my phone.

The first thing that caught my attention was its high quality graphics. The players look somewhat cartoonish, but the graphics are good enough so that gameplay remains attractive on my phone’s screen. At the start of the game, players are first asked to choose from three different game modes: Tournament Mode, Multiplayer Mode, and Exhibition.

Four different modes. (Image Credit: Jump Smash)

Three different modes. (Image Credit: Jump Smash)

To get started, you can chose to go through their movement tutorial, which is essentially a ‘How To Play’ run through of the game. I went for it, and found the tutorial to be quite useful as it teaches you how to execute the various badminton moves. If you want to channel your inner The Sims mind, you can chose to customise your own player in the Locker Room, from nationality, hair colour, head, to body size.

CustoMe. (Image Credit: Jump Smash)

CustoMe. (Image Credit: Jump Smash)

One of the best things about the game is that it provides realistic control, regardless of whether you are smashing, making a drop shot, or so on. It also gives you a great sense of achievement when you manage to play all the way though to become the World Jump Smash Champion (you can do so only if you are in Tournament Mode). One tip to enjoy the game is to first familiarise yourself with the game controls, and master them before attempting to go further. It takes a while to learn how to control your player, so do be patient and work at it.

Overall, I see this game being an entertaining one if you’re looking for a badminton mobile app to kill time. The almost realistic controls also make it an interesting app, even for seasoned professionals.

The game is free for download on Android devices, with the iOS version already in review on the AppStore.

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